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Affinity V2 Range iPad Beta Release Notifications


Serif allow customers to test new builds of the software even before it is released to the public. These "beta" builds offer an opportunity to trial bug fixes, add support for new file formats and show off new features before they are launched. This post is designed to be an aid to knowing if you are trying the latest beta version of the Affinity software on your platform.

 Product Name                       | Platform        | Beta Ver.     |
 Affinity Designer 2 for iPad beta  | iPadOS 15, 16.1 |      |
 Affinity Photo 2 for iPad beta     | iPadOS 15, 16.1 |    | 
 Affinity Publisher 2 for iPad beta | iPadOS 15, 16.1 |   |

ADe and APh iPad Customer Betas require you to be an owner of the paid for version of the software to work. You need to have the purchased software installed on the same iPad as the customer beta. APu iPad beta has not yet been announced or released. If you would like to try the iPad Customer Beta build look for the top (pinned) post in each of these forums, the latest of which is posted in this thread:

iPad build numbers and Windows/Mac builds are independent. The third number increases each time a public release is made, the last number is generated by a build server and so not directly related to each other.

I will update/edit this post as new iPadOS 2 Beta releases are added by the developers.

This thread is locked and will only be posted to by Serif Staff when the beta release versions are updated.  Please follow this thread if you want to know about future version changes. If you think this post has got behind announcing the iPadOS beta updates and needs updating please PM me.

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