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Affinity Publisher 2 for iPad - (2.0.3)


We are pleased to announce an update for the iOS release of Affinity Publisher 2 for iPad, version 2.0.3
(note this 2.0.3 build calls itself in Preferences, but is nevertheless 2.0.3 for bug reporting purposes)

Changes in this build  (since the last release 2.0.2)

The fixes and improvements in Affinity Photo for iPadOS 2.0.3 are as follows:

  • Trash can added bottom left for quick delete (command controller toggle now moved to burger menu)
  • Clearer drop zone indication for dropping layers inside
  • New document and open buttons on Home Screen now expand additional options by default (without needing to swipe down) to make them more easily discoverable
  • New clearer icons for stroke properties (cap, join, align)
  • afpackage fails to find Resources on Open
  • Fixed spurious future version error under certain circumstances
  • Unable to drag aftemplate and afpackage files into the app
  • Allow opening afdesign / afphoto / afpub files as template
  • Improvements with PDF Import and Layers
  • Fixes for RTF import - font name discrepancies, fields in footnotes
  • New paragraph style > Bullets and numbering > Unable to add text to the "Text" field
  • Update for HEIF importer
  • Fixed lack of preflight warning on Print or Export
  • Export Panel UI fixes
  • Colour Panel now remembers user preference for CMYK documents
  • Command Controller position should persist across documents and sessions
  • Pen tool tweaks and fixes
  • Split and Reverse missing from Node Tool
  • Fixed some tool drawing issues relating to selections across spreads etc
  • Hit box of scaled text could be incorrect
  • Gradients on text strokes don't render unless the fill also has a gradient
  • Fixes for line breaking in some odd cases with punctuation
  • Merge runs of tabs using leaders
  • Tweaks to fix some spurious behaviour on interaction with Apple Autocorrect
  • Fixed hang that could occur composing vertical centre aligned text
  • OpenType handling does not respect lookup flags such as IgnoreMarks
  • Insert Filler Text does not work if not in text insertion mode
  • Resource Manager updates
  • Fixed various issues involving handling of placed document files
  • Fixed crash on Replace Image
  • Fixes for Drag Drop of Stock images
  • Placed documents with bleed can fail to render the bleed correctly
  • Command Controller positioning improvements
  • Fixes for Display Scale Zoomed
  • Many and various Layers Panel updates and fixes
  • Master Page management improvements
  • Fixed some view corruption issues when switching pages / master pages etc
  • Status bar layout / clipping fixes
  • Colour Picker Tool always shows white selection on Multipage documents.
  • Document grid fixes
  • Context menu fixes
  • Fixed Navigator in multi-spread views
  • Fixed assigning shortcuts from a keyboard cover
  • Select Same Name should only select objects with user supplied names
  • Unable to open Guide or Grid settings after dismissing by tapping the canvas
  • Help and Localisation updates
  • Licensing and Registration improvements and new help links

UPDATING TO THIS VERSION (free for existing customers)

The software version can be seen in the bottom left the corner of preferences screen.

Your Affinity iPad apps should update automatically next time you run them. However, you do need to be logged in with the same Apple ID you used to buy them.

If the automatic update does not happen for you, go to the iPad Store app and go to Updates. Once you’re there, tap near the top of the screen where it states 'Updates' and then hold, pull down and then release. This should manually refresh the updates page. However, don’t panic if the updates are not available for you yet—Apple sometimes phase roll outs around the world and this can take up to 24 hours.

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